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U Wood Project

The company has been established in London, aimed primarily at the UK market, in the belief that we can do a good job, and that the experience acquired over 30 years of work performed in many parts of Europe, including Italy, France, the UK and Switzerland, will allow us to overcome all problems and make all your dreams come true. Our team consists of a group of people specialising in the various areas of construction, furnishing and design, a blend of expert professionals and young graduates with new ideas. We are able to DESIGN, SUPPLY and MAKE whatever you want and need for your home.

We offer in particular Italian style: professional architects, products ranging from prestigious brands to small craft firms making unique and exclusive items, and skilled workers and craftsmen, going to form a mix that can fully satisfy and even amaze our customers. We provide certain times, certain prices once they are agreed, and long-term guarantees for the work we perform. We give free quotes and are always willing to come to your home with our experts and offer you our advice.


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