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About This Project

Stems from research on the use of refined raw material “wood” worked hand made together with panels of Carrara marble, solid color or picture applied with a brush with sheets of gold leaf.
The mosaics can be used both inside and conventional floor to a more refined in ‘Interior design that begins with tables rather than headboards or uses of other kinds and types.

The collection consists of six types.
You can design and produce real “Tailor Made” at the request of the customer. You can match the leather trim and fabric from the precious tissue to jeans brand, in addition to those already proposed.

The MORI are represented by two shepherds that mark hours beating the bell with their hammers (many strokes as there are hours), but with a precise mode. The Old Moro strikes the hours two minutes before the correct time, to mark the time that has passed, and the Young Moro playing time two minutes later to represent the time to come.

They take us back to the times when the route of Marco Polo the exchange of textiles, jewelery and handcrafts eastern, have been places and delights of merchants everywhere. The Venetian Maritime Republic dominated the international scene.

In his honor the “Mori Collection” has been created. The intersection between the ancient and the modern


February 23, 2016


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